A Rose By Any Other Name …

Charlee Sportin

Greetings family and friends! We decided to create a blog to capture the day to day life of Charlee. Nothing fancy, just our day to day. We hope it will be an easy way for us to stay connected while Mike is on the road as well as with our friends and family!

To say that our lives changed when we were blessed with the news of the pregnancy is an understatement. The pregnancy was one thing but the first time we heard her and saw her, our hearts simply melted and we loved like no other love. She is our joy and an answered prayer. We love her dearly and are excited to share her life with you.

She is already five months so we will likely go back in time to capture some key milestones but mostly will be looking ahead. Today she didn’t want to eat her peaches, she learned a new noise and is full of smiles. During her trip to California last month, she discovered that she likes to be naked. Her favorite outfit is her birthday suit! Today she is mostly wearing a onesie with no socks and no pants — definitely her preference if she has to wear clothes.