As a kid I remember Easter being a very special holiday. It included shopping for the perfect dress and hat, coloring eggs, hunting for our basket and eggs, church and a nice meal. I’ve always loved shopping but Easter dress shopping was extra special because it usually included a shopping trip with Mim and Grandpa. Shopping with them was always fun but if you could get Grandpa alone you were really in for a treat. He had no rules and no limit. He just liked to make people happy.

But more importantly than the shopping, Easter was a day that the entire family went to church. We all got dressed up and we all went to the little Baptist church in Fullerton. I can still smell that church, can still remember the feeling of us all being together and can still see the happiness on my Grandpa’s face when we all attended.

After church it was time to hunt for our eggs. We lived in Anaheim and my Grandpa had so much fun hiding the eggs and laughing while we hunted. We heard, “you’re getting warmer, now you’re cold, etc.”. He always would hide at least one egg in the pool filter! We ended our day with a meal that usually included a baked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls and dessert.

Charlee is too young this year to enjoy shopping, coloring eggs, hunting etc. But she wasn’t too young to get dressed up for church. Is it corny that I got teary eyed after seeing how adorable she looked in her first Easter dress? My heart is hers and I love every piece of it. I look forward to continuing the traditions and making new ones with our little blessing.

Look at how proud she is of herself standing with her Daddy. I love the look on her face. She gets that look when she is really proud or amazed at what she is doing. What a big girl standing up!