A Dedication and Stumble …

Today was a special day for our sweet baby girl and for the family. Charlee was dedicated at church. We are committed as her parents to raise her in a Christian home, with the bible as our guide and lean on our church family for support. The day was great. She looked so darn cute sporting a hat that Mike bought her on one of his many shopping trips while out on the road for business.

Our prayer for Charlee is basic. We pray that she will come to know the Lord early in life, choose to follow Jesus as her savior and have a kind/giving heart. Mike says he can already see in her eyes that she is kind. Life is hard enough; we don’t need meaness to complicate it further. If her laugh is any indication, she has a heart of gold.

It was extra special to have my Mom in town for the day and Joni, Jerry and Abby also joined us!

The day became extra special when I took a HUGE digger while carrying Charlee. I still have no idea how or why I fell BUT I went down and so did our baby girl.  It scared me beyond words. I actually think I went into a little bit of shock because it all feels foggy. All I could think about was her and wonder if she was hurt.  She cried immediately and was moving her arms and legs which is what the doctors look for. It is also important to ensure she was alert, which she was. BUT being a first time mom, I needed the extra comfort of getting her checked out. So, Sunday May 15, 2011 was not only Charlee’s dedication it was also her first trip to the emergency room.  A few hours later and she got a clean bill of health. Now if I could only get over it. Who knew you could worry about somebody so much. My life is changed forever. I simply love being a Mommy!