Enter Sandman…

We started a night time routine early with Charlee. It starts with dinner which is usually veggies and a fruit. Then we take a bath and that usually takes awhile because she enjoys soaking and playing in the water. After her bath, she gets a baby massage, her hair brushed and then nursed. Sometimes we read her a story. Next, her heartbeat monitor is turned on and she is put to bed.

When my mom was here, we went shopping and bought her some new PJs because her nine month jammies were too small. When we purchased the twelve month PJs we both looked at them and thought there is no way these are going to fit. They look too big. Well, they fit and she doesn’t have much room in them.

I had to get a few pictures in them because they are so cute. I wish they made PJs like that in my size!

This is what I see at bedtime. Thank you God for picking me to be her Mommy. What a blessing! That smile melts my heart.

Every night we lay our hands on her chest and say the following prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, Glad and well, may I awake, This I pray for Jesus’ sake

And this is what we see…

What a blessing!