Sittin’ On Top of the World

Our little peanut starting thinking about sitting awhile ago but didn’t really give it much effort until recently. A few days ago she would sit for about 10 seconds or so and then tip over. But today, she sat all by herself for a good thirty minutes. Honestly, it is strange to see her do it since we are so used to seeing her propped up or lying down.

She is growing so fast it makes my heartache. I can see why people keep having kids! I’m not saying we are going to have more because we aren’t even remotely close to making that decision BUT I can certainly understand why people do!

Even though this picture is from behind you can still tell that she has her chest pushed out. She has done that since the beginning. Me and my Mom think it is hilarious. It reminds me of a proud rooster!

Her hair is really filling in too. It still has a red tint to it but isn’t as red as it was when she was born. Her eyes are still undetermined. One day they are green, the next they are blue and sometimes they look gray. All three are pretty so where ever they land is a okay!

We also had a special visit today from her Auntie MaryJo and Uncle Papa. She is so blessed to have so many wonderful people in her life. Her auntie MaryJo is one of her special prayer angels. So many prayers have been sent up to heaven from MaryJo. We will never fully know the magnitude of all of those prayers but I do know that this child is blessed already from the numerous hours her auntie has prayed for her.