Splish, Splash, Charlee Takes a Bath …

Bath time is one of my favorite times with Charlee. She has loved her bath from day one. It relaxes her and is one of her most content times. She is usually full of smiles and splashes. And how can you resist the smell of a clean baby? I love the smell of baby lotion and her clean head. Yummy!

The cup she is playing with came home with us from the hospital and she loves it. It has provided hours and hours of fun! Look at those cute hands. Feeling her touch is heaven!

Usually once a night it will get stuck on her hand and she can’t figure out where her hand went. I think she looks like Captain Hook. Eventually, she gets her hand back and then the cup usually goes right into her mouth. She has even poured a full cup of water onto the floor and down her face.

She started sucking her fingers and her hand very early so we assumed she would be a thumb or finger sucker. WRONG. She sucks her arm!

You never know what you are going to find in the crevices of her neck. Tonight it was full of peas. If you look close you can see a crevice full of some green, smooshy stuff. She loves her veggies (except sweet potatoes). Gramma made the mistake (once) of trying to give her sweet potatoes again.