Water her daily with love and watch her bloom …

With each passing day, Charlee is laughing and smiling more.  Her smile lights up the room and makes our day.  Look at how pure and innocent she is!

I’m simply amazed that God chose us to be her parents.  It really is overwhelming. How did we get so lucky?  If I think too much about it, I get overwhelmed.  We are responsible for raising this precious gift from God.  What an honor it is.  He chose us to be blessed by this sweet angel.  WOW!

I pray that God blesses her and guides us as her parents.

We took these photos this morning in our backyard before we left for school.  As we were leaving, we noticed that the peonies were blooming and took her over to see them.  That is when we  noticed that there was a perfect little spot right in the middle of these white flowers.  So we plopped her down and started shooting. Unfortunately, the shoot ended early because my card was full BUT at least I got a few good shots!