A Daddy, A Daughter and Their Love …

Do you think Charlee loves her Daddy and vice versa?  Look at the love in their eyes. They have a very special bond and it is so fun to watch.

I took my camera when we picked her up from school to get a few shots of her school. When we arrived to pick her up, this is what we saw.

She is still adjusting to her naps at school so we didn’t want to wake her up.  She is doing much better sleeping thru all the noise.  The first couple weeks she would only get little cat naps but now she will get a good hour.  Each week she makes progress. This is her normal sleeping position.  We know when she is close to falling a sleep because she assumes the “position”.  Her arm is in the perfect spot to suck which she does prior to falling a sleep and sometimes in her sleep.  The funny thing is her Dad sleeps this way too.

Here is Judy, her main caregiver.  Charlee really likes her which makes us very happy!

And a few more shots of her and her Daddy!  I have a lot of favorite photos of Charlee but the one of Mike kissing her cheek might trump them all!  What a great moment in time!