Flying High …

Today was Charlee’s first plane ride! We took the morning flight from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. I’ve been a tad stressed about our solo trip so I read every travel tip I could get my hands on and asked other moms for advice.

Nurse during take off, nurse during landing, take lots of snacks & toys, extra change of clothes, plenty of diapers, etc. So, I packed her carry-on and my carry-on and away we went in the new stroller Mike purchased for travel (it folds up really nice and is easy to manuever with one hand). Thankfully, Mike was able to drop us off and help us get to the gate. Nothing like a full pat down with a baby! And her pink floral carry-on was very suscpicious so it was searched too. But we made it to the gate. Then Daddy had to leave and get to work so it was just me and my little sweet pea. In the next photo it looks like she is telling her Daddy that she’s got it handled (look at her hand LOL).

We made it on the plane just fine and got situated in our seat. We sat next to two tween boys who thought nursing was hilarious. Charlee slept twice and each time she fell asleep one of the tweens had to go to the bathroom. Which wouldn’t have been so bad except I had the aisle seat and when I got up, it woke Charlee. She slept about thirty minutes total during the four hour flight and only cried twice. She smiled and giggled at all the people and played with the bag of pretzels, my empty cup and her Raggedy Ann doll.

So far Charlee proves to be a GREAT traveler. In March, she was a trooper during her first road trip from Wisconsin to Southern California. Today, she mastered her first flight! I think she might have her Great Grandpa’s explorer gene and her Grandma’s love of travel!