A Vintage Suitcase, Feathers and Some Tulle…

Awhile ago I saw a really nice photo of a little girl covered in tulle in a vintage suitcase. I filed it away into my memory and figured I would recreate my version of it later.

Well, today was the day. This morning at breakfast I mentioned the photo to my mom and dad. They had two possible suitcases in mind.

My Dad found this old suitcase and cleaned it up (it was full of old hunting things). Its a little bigger than the one used in the photo I saw but it is green and I like the plaid lining! I think the version I saw had a satin lining but I like the texture of the plaid. Let the photo taking begin!

After trying a few different locations in the backyard, here is the result. The lighting wasn’t great and Charlee still has a running nose but I like the way they turned out.


Charlee isn’t the best napper and today she cried for an hour straight. When I went in to get her she whimpered a few times. We walked down the stairs and she told Gramma how bad it was with a few more whimpers. Then immediately started giggling and bouncing. She bounces to try and get you to bounce her (something her Dad did for her a couple months ago and since then it is all she wants to do). She is a complete and total faker! Now she is as happy as can be lying on the floor in her diaper playing with Raggedy Ann.