Blood Lines

We had a loss in our family.  My Dad’s sister Patti (my aunt) passed away and it has me thinking about blood lines. Charlee & Patti never had the chance to meet here on earth. We live in different states and Patti was ill for awhile. Despite them not meeting, Charlee has pieces of Patti in her blood and I know the two of them would have made each other laugh.

Patti brought so much to the family. She had a wicked sense of humor and a sharp wit. She was a strong woman and very stylish. I hope Charlee has her wit.

These photos were captured of Patti at our wedding. We asked all our guests to wear at least one item of clothing in green, yellow or orange (our colors). Patti wore the cutest green tights that made a fashion statement all her own.

Patti loved to dance and she loved a good party. Charlee is the same. She loves to dance with her Dad and she is super social.

Patti also enjoyed a good drink. My guess is Charlee will too. She really doesn’t have a chance in this area. I’ve never known Mike to turn down a drink and I certainly don’t turn them down too often either. I love that the photo caught Patti in the act. She didn’t simply sip my champagne. She downed it!

Charlee still isn’t taking a bottle. She’s been in school since the end of April and her caretaker asked the other day if one of us (me or Mike) were stubborn? She said most babies usually give in after a couple weeks of refusal. This question made me giggle. I can’t imagine what she is talking about, yeah right! I come from a long, strong line of stubborn women. Interesting how blood lines work. It appears Charlee is going to continue that line of stubborn women and I am just fine with that! Mike on-the-other-hand is a little worried. 🙂

I love this photo. The quilts were made by my Grandma (my Mom’s mom). We called her Mim. She was the queen of stubborn. Next in line is my Mom, then me, then Liz and apparently Charlee!

There is no doubt Charlee’s blood lines include Mike. She looks so much like him it is amazing.

The next photo struck me too. I have a lot of my Mom’s mannerisms. When I saw this photo I really noticed it. I hold Charlee exactly the same way (so weird). But that’s how blood lines work, huh? It’s comforting to know that our family lives on in the generations to come.