Blu, A Man’s OR (Girl’s) Best Friend …

A family friend lost his dog this past week and it has me thinking about Blu, not in a morbid way, just thinking about how much joy she brings to our life. To describe Blu as the best dog in the world is an understatement. She truly is amazing and I can’t believe she is mine. We met about seven years ago. I was going thru a nasty divorce and lost my dog, Banana in the battle. I was heart broken over it and missed her terribly but the last thing I needed was a dog. I was single, living in Michigan with no family in sight, working full time and dealing with all the “junk” that goes along with a divorce.  BUT, I missed my dog.

At work I read an ad in our employee newsletter about AKC lab puppies. And that is where it all began. I called immediately with the mindset of finding a breeder for a later date when a puppy made more sense. A call would have been one thing but I decided to go see the pups. I remember telling my Mom that I was just going to look. She just laughed.

The breeder had a huge piece of land. I pulled in and got out of my car and started walking towards the barn. I didn’t get very far before I was swarmed by lab puppies, running, jumping and smiling. If you’ve been around labs you know that they really do smile! They were so adorable BUT I was still in for surprise. Dragging behind was a goofy, long-legged black puppy with a blue ribbon around her neck that came hobbling around from behind the barn. She came right up to me and propped her head on my knee and looked right into my eyes. I was done. Those almond shaped eyes full of kindness and mischief had me at first glance. I asked the breeder about the pup and she said she was the runt of the liter but very sweet. I asked them if they would give me first right of refusal and they agreed. I stayed and played for awhile and then started to walk to my car. I didn’t get very far before the same little puppy came hobbling after me and put her head on my knee again making the same eye contact. After the second interaction I bought her on the spot named her Blu and we started our adventures together.

She is the sweetest, goofiest dog, I’ve ever known and she has been an amazing companion thru life (the good and the bad). I’m beyond attached to her. So, we were all curious how she would react to Charlee. Her life has definitely changed in terms of less attention, sometimes being forgotten, taking second place, etc. And she had handled it all with grace and kindness. Always happy to see us no matter what. She is amazing.

Blu still isn’t convinced we needed Charlee. In fact, when Charlee cries in the middle of the night she sighs, gives us a look of frustration and rolls over. BUT, they both are exploring each other and day by day are starting to build a relationship that is sure to be special. Here she is in her new favorite spot, right under Charlee’s high chair! If you look close, you will see a spoon. Charlee thinks its funny when she drops food, her spoon, her bowl, etc. Blu likes it too!