The Sunshine & A Comfy Bed

Every once in awhile an every day moment screams get your camera. This was one of those moments. Nothing fancy. Just the afternoon light shining thru the window and my sweet baby girl in her diaper.

Her skin is perfect. How great would it be to have that skin? It’s yummy!

And now she can do zerberts! A very important life skill.

The only thing that would have made this moment better is a good old fashion cuddle party. But, Charlee isn’t much of a cuddler, too independent to be trapped up. Maybe when she gets older but I’m not holding my breathe.

Blu even joined the party which provided lots of giggles, some ear pulling and a few kisses.

Still not sure if her eyes are going to be green or blue. Today they looked more green. Maybe they will be a combo of the two?

I took these photos on our bed but I saw a tutorial on how to make a fake bed for a photo shoot on a blog called the milky way.