Our Morning Walk

We are all about routines these days and one of our daily rituals is a walk in the morning and a walk in the evening. Charlee loves being outside and loves her walks. I’m glad because I love to walk too. My favorite walking partner is my mom. We’ve been walking together for years and I cherish the time together. One of the things I miss the most since I moved away from California is my walking partner and our walks.

The conversation is always great. Sometimes we cover new territory but most of the time we talk about the same thing. We usually walk the same route too but we usually manage to see something new.

I will walk anytime of day but my favorite time to walk is the morning. I love the morning sun, the dew kissed flowers, the quiet calm and the peace that morning brings.

Today’s was extra special because Jamie and AJ joined us.

I look forward to taking many more walks with my mom and with Charlee. I hope she got the walking gene!

Blu loves to walk too. No leash required for her as long as we have a tennis ball! From the moment we go outside, Blu is focused on one thing and one thing only; the tennis ball. She is so obsessed with them that she is no longer aloud to have one in the house. We finally came to that conclusion when furniture was being damaged.

Now it’s time for Charlee to take a nap. The walk relaxes her and she goes right down for a good hour or two. Happy Sunday!