Grandpa Schubert aka “Fritz”

Today, Charlee’s Grandpa Schubert died. His death was a surprise and I’m still processing it but that is pretty normal for me. I need time to let things sink in. Honestly, I really don’t know what to write…

A family is never the same when a member dies.  There is a void.  Something is missing. Every family member is special in some way, shape, or form.  Charlee’s Grandpa Schubert was the character of the family. He was full of life, made everybody laugh, and loved to have a good time.  He was a kind-hearted man, he always had a story to share, and was a good conversationalist.

Fritz seemed to know everybody and he was well-loved.  Mike joked about giving 10 minutes of leeway when leaving a restaurant because his dad knew everybody in the place, and would shake hands and share memories with all of them on the way out.  Mike said he was like the mayor of Sheboygan, but without all the politics.

Another thing Grandpa Schubert was known for was giving everybody nicknames.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know Mike’s nickname was 1-2.  He’s had that name since he was a little, little boy.  Story goes that Jerry, Toni, and MaryJo were running on the beach on the Fourth of July.  Mike was holding his dad’s hand, looked up, and said, “I wanna wun too.”  So there you have it!  From then on, Mike was known as 1-2……or shall I say “wun too”.

Unfortunately, Fritz didn’t have enough time to give Charlee her nickname but we’re so grateful he was able to meet her.  We visited with Grandpa shortly before he passed.  He would look at Charlotte and make a funny Daffy Duck noise and then say, “That’s what Daffy Ducks says.”, and she would laugh and laugh.  Grandpa was very proud that his granddaughter shared the same name as his sister.

To Fritz, dad, and grandpa…..We love you and you will be missed!  See you again!

This is one of my favorite photos of him with Mike. Can you tell they are related?!?

We will all miss Fritz but it’s comforting to know that he will live on in our memories.