Bean Town

One of the items on my Dad’s bucket list was to watch a Red Sox / Yankee game at Fenway Park. So about a year ago, we started planning a trip to Boston. The travelers included a group of my parent’s friends from high school. Anytime they get together I try to attend because they are so much fun and there is something very special about the friendships. I’m touched every time I get to be with them (more on this in another post).

I wasn’t sure if we would make the trip given that Charlee is still so young but as the date got closer there was no way we were going to miss it. So we booked our flight, booked adjoining rooms and packed our bags for a trip to Bean Town.

Charlee already proved she could handle flying a few months ago when we flew to California for Lizzy’s wedding. In fact, she is a great traveler. So, I was hoping for a repeat and she didn’t disappoint. We had a BLAST!

We rode a double decker trolley, the swan boats, experienced the aquarium, drank a sam adams overlooking his grave, walked thru the park, walked all over town, ate and enjoyed each other’s company.

I love Boston! In fact, we already are planning our next visit. Not long after Lizzy was born we started taking “girl” trips. We (me, Mom and Lizzy) all agree that Boston would be a great city for our next trip. Charlee proved she can hang with the girls so she has been “approved”!

She is such a happy baby and is an absolute joy. Life is amazing experiencing it thru a child’s eyes. Everything is new and exciting.

Fenway was a hit too (not with Charlee but with my Dad)! Thanks Mom for staying with Charlee while we enjoyed the night game.

Next on his list is a road trip down Route 66 in his old car. What’s on your Bucket List? I’m working on a list of “to dos” by the time I hit 45. My 45 by 45 list. I will share. I still need to add a few items.