A Romper, A Headband and A Basket of Toys

Charlee is all about standing and trying to walk these days. She has zero interest in crawling but she is completely obsessed with walking. She points at various things in the room and we help her walk over to them. If she had her way, she wouldn’t need any help. Despite her inability to walk on her own, she bats at our hands and tries to push us away while we are assisting her. Walking is all she wants to do. Her little legs wobble as she tries to get them to work. Her steps are awkward and goofy. Some are straight, some are sideways, some are big and some are small. But the look on her face is priceless. She is so proud of herself.

We aren’t in any hurry for her to walk but by the look of things, it isn’t that far off. Then look out! Our life will change again! Even the dogs are scared for that moment to arrive! She has her eye on Ruby and wants a piece of that dog and Ruby knows it.

When Charlee isn’t walking, she wants to stand. I took these photos this morning. There is something about rompers. I LOVE THEM and they remind me of my grandma, Mim. She always made me cute, home-made clothes. To this day, I remember some of the dresses she made for me. A lot of my favorite clothes were items she made. Funny thing is, I don’t remember her making rompers but for some strange reason, they remind me of her.

Mim was awesome. She was the perfect Grandma. She smelled like Estee Lauder’s Beautiful and Dove soap, had super soft skin, was the best hair brusher and always hummed while she did her chores. She had a wicked sense of humor and was a good friend. We shared many hot fudge sundaes and ate pounds and pounds of See’s candy. We shopped ’til we dropped, talked about everything, and truly loved each other. In fact, when I was in high school, I would often skip the weekend parties and go spend the weekend at her house. My grandparents’ house was warm, full of love, always smelled like a home cooked meal, peaceful, joyous and inviting. I simply loved being there. And it was the perfect spot to rejuvenate and get needed rest.

Back to the romper… Babies look so dang cute in them. So, after dressing Charlee this morning and looking at her in that romper, I had no choice but to get out the camera. I just want to eat her up! Look at those chubby legs. Yummy!


The headband lasted long enough for photos. We have a continual struggle with hats and headbands. I love them, she hates them. I put them on her, she rips them off. We do this several times a week. Most people would give up but I’m not even close to giving up and neither is she!