A Basket of Goodies

I just returned from my first weekend away from Charlee. Actually, not only my first weekend but my first night away from Charlee. Until now, the longest we’ve been apart was about four hours. And we both survived! In fact, we both did GREAT.

Leading up to the trip, I was full of a variety of thoughts and feelings, but over all I knew it was going to be good for both of us.

I had such a nice time with my friends, niece, and business partners. It felt great to enjoy a couple glasses of wine without worrying about being a nursing mom. I enjoyed waking up with my girlfriends and the first thing on my mind was trying to remember why my sides hurt (oh yeah, they hurt from all of our laughter) vs nursing my baby. And being around 2,500 professional women wasn’t bad either. I found pieces of me that used to exist prior to being a mom! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything, but it was was nice to enjoy a few things that were reminiscent of my life before Charlee.

Even though I had a blast, I really missed:

  • Waking up to her talking and smiling in the morning
  • Her laughter
  • Her raspberries
  • Her snuggles (which are very few and far between)
  • Her open mouthed kisses
  • and her smell (oh that baby smell is so delicious!)
  • Not to mention Mike, but that’s a given!
I made it back last night but by the time I got home, she was already in bed so I had to wait until this morning to see her. Although I had a blast, I couldn’t wait to get home and see her. That smile of hers simply melts my heart. I know every parent feels the same way. It’s the best! What a great day I had with my little girl. We were right back in our routine and I couldn’t be happier.
I took these photos a few days before I left for San Fran. She is so busy and I love these little jean diapers! They crack me up. The look on her face is priceless in a few of the shots. It’s like she hit the mother load. I love experiencing life thru her eyes. The biggest choice she has to make is which toy she wants to play with and she takes it so serious!