The Little Eater

So far, Charlee is a great eater. The only things we’ve found that she doesn’t like are sweet potatoes and squash. Today was a typical “eating” day. She munched on the following

  • cheerios and a kiwi
  • oatmeal with blueberries
  • an avocado
  • turkey and asparagus
  • graham crackers
  • black beans, corn, kale, and wild rice
I love that she eats a wide variety of things especially veggies. Let’s hope this is a habit that continues! Great recipes can be found on She highly recommends the apple walnut puree.
Sometimes her food is so good, she has to lick the tray! She must get that from her Daddy…
And Blu has learned to stay close so she can grab anything that drops and lick Charlee’s hands when they come into reach. This is her face when she is on high alert. Any second she knows something is going to drop!