Our Home

We signed the paperwork to put our home on the market today. I love my house but it isn’t a great fit for us any longer. It’s a little bittersweet but change is good! Isn’t she gorgeous?

When I purchased the house about five years ago my life was very different. I came to the area for a new job and a new start. Recently divorced, I wanted a home that was all mine; something I selected based on what I wanted versus what somebody else wanted. I was free to choose whatever suited me and had nobody to answer to except myself! Water was a must. A short commute a bonus. I found both. Since I didn’t have children, the quality of schools didn’t cross my mind and I certainly wasn’t concerned with the number of young kids in the neighborhood. I wanted something open, bright and with speakers in every room so I could listen to music as loud as I wanted.

When I first met Mike, he laughed at how many candles I had in the house. Brad Paisley’s song, You Need a Man Around Here is a pretty good description. I definitely was comfortable making it my own; every thing from candles to a glitter tree! It suited me just perfectly.

After we got married, Mike slowly put his stamp on the place too and now it’s a good blend of us both. We still have a lot of candles but now we have some baseball bobble heads and Packer gear! 🙂

The house proved to be perfect for a single female and a married couple without kids. It hosted more parties than I can count

  • several Halloween parties,
  • a 70s party,
  • an 80s party,
  • a Hawaiian party,
  • a Toga Party,
  • several Packer parties,
  • a few Superbowl parties,
  • random impromptu get togethers,
  • Thanksgiving meals,
  • Christmas parties,
  • a 4th of July party,
  • etc.

The floors supported numerous dances, the balcony sported entertainment that was second to none, the kitchen served many hungry/thirsty guests, the deck was perfect for bonfires and late night chats, the walls were filled with music morning and night, the front door welcomed many guests and the bar never turned anybody away. Our guests stayed for an hour, a day, a week, a month and even an entire season. We couldn’t get enough and the house never let us or our guests down. It was and still is the perfect entertaining home.

Fast forward to the present and things are different. Now, I’m a mother. The peaceful water that I loved waking up to every morning is now nerve racking. The slanted backyard that I never noticed is now an irritant when looking for a spot to play. The tile floors that hosted many dance parties are hard when our little peanut falls as she learns to steady her legs. The schools, well lets just say they aren’t great. The neighborhood is great for party hosting but doesn’t have a lot of kids. So we decided it was time to move.

We’re going to miss this house. It’s a special place. The previous owner told me it was special and she was right. She shared that her family built a lot of very great memories here. You can feel that the house is special the moment you enter. It’s warm, inviting, open and just has something about it. God blessed it and blesses those that live in it. We’ve built a ton of great memories here too. Some of my favorites are:

  • Sharing coffee with my mom on the deck with no furniture in the house yet
  • Painting with my mom
  • Throwing away the hideous window coverings
  • 70s Party
  • Flash Dance
  • Grape Fight (I found another grape in the fountain two days ago)
  • Swing Dancing
  • Fires on the deck
  • Ring of Fire
  • Jello Shots
  • Jerry uncertain why his back hurt
  • Blu jumping into a van of trick or treaters
  • Blu getting the UPS man
  • Our door bell
  • All of our meals
  • Cooking with my Mom and Soco
  • Enjoying nice bottles of wine in the Vegas Room
  • Listening to Music for hours on end
  • Our Christmas Tree being up until Summer
  • Being pregnant
  • Decorating the nursery
  • Listening to Charlee talk in her crib
  • Waking up to the geese
  • The fog horn
  • The amazing breeze
  • Drinking Headquarters
  • Beer Pong
  • My parents walking down the stairs as Adam and Eve
  • Our ghost (the real one and the one we put on the light out by the street)
  • Our HUGE dock
  • Blu vs. the Skunk
  • The Gigantic Snow Penis (Mike didn’t make it, the neighborhood teens did — I’m still not totally sure it wasn’t Mike)
  • Mike’s Beer Fridge
Change is good and we are ready. Here’s to finding our next home!