Time Flies

Our baby girl is one so I guess I should call her our toddler instead of our baby. One full year has passed. How can that be? It hardly seems possible.

When I think about her first year many things come to mind. I think about all the typical milestones you would expect. In fact, we get a weekly email that tells us what our baby should be doing and sure enough, Charlee was doing it or quickly started. Each and every milestone was a fun experience and amazing to be part of as her parents. We’ve enjoyed them all! I won’t bore you with the details but I will admit all of them were GREAT!

The coolest part about this year has been watching Charlee’s personality grow. She is funny, independent, happy, kind, loving, silly, an absolute joy and loves music. She fits so well in our lives. It’s like she has always been part of us. She’s the perfect blend of me and Mike. We think she is AMAZING. 🙂

I’m sure our experience isn’t any different from other parents. I have a hard time digesting how fast time is going. I love being a mom and I’m so thankful God chose me to be her Mommy. Parents tell us it keeps getting better. How is that possible? Life is simply perfect.
I think I would’ve missed her first birthday entirely if I hadn’t seen another mom’s post on facebook about planning her little girls birthday. I was full of guilt for a good week after realizing how little I had thought about her one year milestone. The guilt quickly passed and I shifted into party planning mode. We had her first birthday party in Southern California and it was awesome. It’s official, Charlee is a party animal. She had a blast and so did we. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.
I love her dress. We found it at Baby Gap. She wore it all of two minutes but I still love it!
The photo booth was fun. We didn’t get pictures of everybody because we were too busy partying BUT the ones we did capture turned out hilarious!
We decided to keep it simple. After browsing Pinterest for ideas we opted to go with a color scheme versus a theme. We picked orange because she looks really good in orange and pink because it’s the girly thing to do! I love the way the colors look together.
The cupcakes came from a local bakery, Sugar Rush Sweets and they were delicious. The party hit a new level when the sugar kicked in!
Based on her smile, I’d say the party was a success!
Next party is in Sheboygan! Look out Wisconsin, Charlee is ready to polka ’til she pukes!