Charlee went in for her one year check up today, and she is right on track. She falls in the 95% for height, 40% for weight, and 75% for head. Her visit was going smooth until she fell and split her upper lip on the corner of the chair. It was her first bloody fall. Poor thing. Her lip bled so much I even had blood on my shirt. Just when we got her calmed down, the nurse came in with four shots and a prick on the finger. We were advised that she’ll remember today and will likely not want to go to the doctor anymore.

This isn’t her first time getting shots, and I dread those days. Today was the worse yet, and she definitely let us know, as it took us awhile to soothe her. I’m not sure if this round was worse because she was older and the injections were in her arm instead of her leg, or because of the number.  Regardless, it was horrible. Becoming a parent is remarkable, but it also includes feeling pain and worrying like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

While I was pregnant, I had more check-ups than normal due to my “age”. Mike attended every appointment faithfully, except for one he was unable to make because he was out of town for work. Of course, we were given the “A-Ok” at every check-up…..except for the one I attended alone. I had never felt worry like that and remember leaving the appointment feeling completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t fathom something being wrong with our baby, and it was at the moment I knew what my parents had experienced all those years with doctor visits, calls from the school nurse, or waiting up until we (hopefully) made it home by curfew. I was now a parent and “worry” had evolved into an entirely new category.

By the way, Charlee is fine. She was crabby for a few hours, but was back to her old smiley self soon enough and ready for her Sheboygan party. Gotta love her! She wasn’t a huge fan of the bandaids…