Dancing, Dancing, Dancing … She’s a Dancing Machine

I won’t do this post justice simply because there is no way to truly capture how amazing dancing with Charlee is. It’s by far one of my favorite things to do with her. We listen to music a lot in our house and started dancing with her the first day we brought her home.

When we first started dancing with her she would close her eyes and get a look on her face of pure enjoyment. That has evolved into putting her arms in the air, closing her eyes, singing with the music and smiling. The look she gets is joyous, content, and happy. She totally gets into it. In fact, she will often move her head back and forth like Stevie Wonder when he sings. It’s the best. Her voice is sweet and innocent. She hums and sings with the music even though she can’t talk yet.

We usually start winding down the evening with dancing, then move to her bath. Our bed time routine continues to  evolve and now includes the dry dance which is a silly song we made up that we all sing and toss her around from person to person. People who stay with us quickly get recruited to be part of the dry dance and each new person brings a new flair to the dance.

I’ve been noodling this post for months but simply couldn’t figure out how to write it because I can’t capture it. So I figured I might as well just do it.

Two weeks ago, Charlee did her first dance by herself. She was playing and a song came on and out of nowhere she started moving her feet. She caught herself and burst out in laughter. She had a look of happiness and surprise as she realized what she had done. After three days of “happy” feet she added some arm movement. I could watch her dance for hours. Today she added spins while holding her baby. What an absolute joy!

I simply can’t capture how great dancing with her is and I’m beyond excited for all the dances we have yet to dance.