First Cut Is The Deepest …

Today we took Charlee for her first haircut. We weren’t sure how she would respond but if it was anything like her first Santa visit…..we were nervous for the stylist.

Regarding the timing? As new parents we had no idea when it was appropriate for a first hair cut, but we figured we had nothing to lose since anything would be better than what she had. So we made a last minute call and the next thing we knew, our little peanut had an appointment for her first hair cut.

She was doing really well in the waiting area. It was full of toys, glitter, other kids, and Grover. Grover makes everything better!

Notice the hair. Our little rag muffin! Her hair is always a mess. Nappy in the back and really uneven.

Then they called her name and it was time to get in the chair. The chair was a cool red car. It reminded me of a cross between a Thing and a Jeep. Remember Things? I always thought it would be fun to drive one. Charlee didn’t think so. The picture on the left shows her curiosity.  The picture on the right shows her, “Ok.  I know something’s up.” look.

Even with Grover by her side, panic set in. How many adults does it take to cut a 16 month old’s hair? If the 16 month old’s name is Charlotte the Destroyer it takes three. One to hold her arms, one to hold her head and one to cut her hair.

After many tears and a very patient stylist, it was time for the fairy dust.

Charlee still wasn’t haven’t any of it but she had new hair, smelled like a mango, and a head full of glitter!

After a very traumatic time getting her hair cut, we enjoyed a nice lunch, a trip to Evans, and some tea at the Tea Room. What an amazing day!

And we end our visit to the Tea Room with a smile and a kiss for Daddy!