The Fort

Technology can’t compete with a good ol’ fort. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of building and playing in forts? We would spend hours in our fort when I was a kid. We’d build the basic type, which is similar to what we built this morning: blankets, pillows, and a table or couch.

My brother, on the other hand, built an actual underground fort in the field behind our house. I wasn’t “cool enough” to play in his fort, and I still remember wishing I could see the inside. I was convinced it was the coolest place on earth and very important things happened there. The mystery of it all made it magical! I never made it inside but I bet the memories alone would make a good book or movie!

Charlee’s first fort experience was a hit! Nothing as elaborate as my brother’s but definitely loads of fun!

Even Grandma couldn’t resist. She was in the fort in nothing flat!

Secrets, giggles, and an apple under the roof of our fort are awfully tough to beat!