The Dress

A few weeks ago while my Mom was in town we bought Charlee an Easter dress. She isn’t much of a girly girl when it comes to dresses but Easter is special so we thought we would give it a try. We found a really pretty dress, washed it and hung it in her closet. Now we just had to wait for Easter!

Our morning was pretty normal. We woke up, had breakfast, played and listened to music. Then it was time to get dressed. When I pulled the dress out of the closet Charlee’s face lit up with delight. She said, “Wow” in her sweet little whisper. Usually, she likes to stay in her PJs but today she was ready to put her dress on.

After she was dressed I took her to the mirror. She was simply in awe. She grinned from ear to ear, kept touching the dress and starred at herself.

This is the first time she noticed a dress and noticed herself dressed up. It was precious to experience.

I look forward to shopping for special dresses for Easter, Christmas, Homecoming, Prom, and her wedding. I have great memories of shopping with my mom for special occasions. I always had an idea of what I wanted and my vision wasn’t always easy to find but that never stopped me and my mom. We had our favorite shops and even had a few seamstresses that we used. One of my favorite dresses was a dark green velvet fitted dress complete with feathers around the bust. We found it in a vintage store and it was absolutely perfect. I wore it in high school and again in college. Finding the perfect dress is priceless! I can remember so much about that day and that dress.

Then we started doing the same with Lizzy. One shopping trip to the Brea Mall for Lizzy was very memorable. The three of us are sworn to secrecy. Thankfully the dressing room walls can’t talk!

We don’t even let geography get in our way. The perfect dress is the perfect dress even if it is in a different state. It’s amazing what you can accomplish via texting!

Being a mom is beyond amazing and dress shopping is just one of several cool things that comes with motherhood! I hope me and Charlee have many shopping trips in our future!

Happy Easter! He is risen!