Tiny Dancer

It’s been far too long since my last post. I’m back and look forward to sharing all the amazing little things that Charlotte brings to our life! Best part about my new flexible… Continue reading

Some More Please

Charlee’s first s’more experience was uneventful. She really isn’t much for sweets. She prefers savory to sweet, and she’d go for a french fry or cracker long before a cookie or cake.  Needless… Continue reading

What’s In A Name

Charlee is learning new words and ways to express herself daily.  It’s so cool to be part of her expanding world.  She’s very proud of herself when she communicates her thoughts, feelings or… Continue reading

The Dress

A few weeks ago while my Mom was in town we bought Charlee an Easter dress. She isn’t much of a girly girl when it comes to dresses but Easter is special so… Continue reading

Happy Easter

8,000 eggs, 400 kids, a bouncy house, a slide, the Easter Bunny, no nap and lots of giggles. The day ended with an out of the ordinary cuddle session. Life doesn’t get much… Continue reading

“Egg” cellent!

All ready for her first egg decorating experience …  

The Fort

Technology can’t compete with a good ol’ fort. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of building and playing in forts? We would spend hours in our fort when I was a kid. We’d build… Continue reading

First Cut Is The Deepest …

Today we took Charlee for her first haircut. We weren’t sure how she would respond but if it was anything like her first Santa visit…..we were nervous for the stylist. Regarding the timing?… Continue reading

A Feeling Like No Other

I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked up and down a strip mall. I’ve done it too many times to count and honestly have never given it a second thought. Today’s… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s official, our home has totally been taken over by Charlee. I never understood window clings and never thought we would have any. Guess what? We bought window clings this weekend and helped… Continue reading